Table top collaboration with Divine Affairs Event Design featured in Ceremony magazine

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 10.01.13 AM

Together with Miranda Meisenbach from Divine Affairs Event Design we designed and created this fabulous table top design that also got featured in Ceremony magazine this year. We had tons of fun trying to figure out the whole logistics behind the sculpture holding the Phalanopsis Orchids, which ended up being a bendable pipe covered with a crystal mesh fabric, which we also used for the napkin holders and votive candles. Seeing this design come alive from a drawing to the complete set up was very rewarding and the attention to every single detail brings this table together,  the only thing missing is the food and the wine/champagne 🙂

Vendors involved:

Design: Miranda Meisenbach from Divine Affiairs Events

Photographer: Lucie from LucieXYZ

Linen: Napa Vally linen

Rentals: Sybella rentals

Location: My studio