Bridal Bouquets and boutonniere featured in Ceremony magazine

Along with the table top designs we did for Ceremony magazine this year, we also did a few different and fun bridal bouquets and boutonnieres. Photos by LucieXYZ.


Informal cascading bouquet in pinks and green

Pink and green bouquet featured in Ceremony magazine with green anthurium, pink Orchids, magenta Gloriosa lilies

Unique White and green bridal bouquet

Green and white textural bouquet with unusual flowers featured in Ceremony magazine. White pumpkins, air plants, cabbage Rose, hypericums berries, lotus pods

Golden and brown tones flower bouquet

Bronze, brown, yellow bridal bouquet featured in Ceremony magazine. Broze Cymbidium Orchids, chocolate Cosmos, yellow gloriosa lilies

Fun and funky green and white grooms boutonniere

Fun and unusual green and white boutonniere with wire wrap with airplanes, hypericum berries and pods. Featured in Ceremony magazine.